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Dirty Lines Revisited

Posted by Tanner Rosenthal on 05-04-14

As one of Panda Poles' most popular edits, "Dirty Pebble" ,filmed at Pebble Creek Ski area in the Spring of 2013, exposed the world to the concept of skiing dirty. Now, we revisit these hallowed slopes in an effort to re-discover the meaning and purpose behind such filthy skiing. The infamous #dirty_lines are known for their craggy, bushy slopes and scornful appearance, yet you can always count on finding a few brave adventurers scouring their slopes, magic ski wands in hand, laughter and howls all around...

This is "Dirty Lines Revisited"


The original "Dirty Pebble" that started it all: 



Part I:


Part II:


"The Full Monty" (Part I & 2 combined)





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