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The Panda Dojo

Posted by Tanner Rosenthal on 04-01-15

Join us for this 5 part series as we take a journey through the relocation of our

World HQ:


This is

"The Panda Dojo"! 


Part I: Shoots and Leaves

Transition is a process of letting go and moving onward. And in time of transition it is wise to be like bamboo--rooted in strength, yet flexible in the face of change...

For the past several months, Panda Poles has been in the midst of a massive transition. We have outgrown our little 650 sq. ft. "Panda Shop", and have moved into a new 2000 sq. ft. space, which we have aptly named the "Panda Dojo".


Part II: Running & Clumping

TanSnowMan makes the final haul from the old Panda Shop, and begins sorting all of the equipment and parts into their appropriate zones in the new "Panda Dojo"...



Part III: Rooting Down

TanSnowMan welcomes home his right hand man Kody Kirkland, and the two of them begin putting some roots down in the new facility...



Part IV: Building Soil

We really start to find our flow with some new helping hands, while we fill the racks with stacks of wands...



Part V: Settled Roots

We find ourselves settling into the new space quite nicely, and we welcome the community for our first open house...


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