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2016 Panda Poles Season Highlight Reel

Posted by Tanner Rosenthal on 06-02-17

Part I of the 2016 Panda Poles Season Highlight Reel, this is "Shred The Rock"

Filmed entirely on GoPro Hero 4 and iPhone 6.

The Panda spirit is a gentle soul. Although they could so easily shred flesh, they choose to mostly shred bamboo. However, such as with the balance of black and white, there are moments when the Panda spirit is placid, and yet there are times when the Panda fire comes alive! It is in these moments that the Panda spirit chooses to shred that of snow and rock...

For Part II of the 2016 Panda Poles Season Highlight Reel, join the Panda Chief as he relives his favorite helmet cam shots from last season at Pebble Creek Ski Area...

"What I probably love most about using my helmet cam, is that it doesn’t really get in the way of the flow. I love being able to capture the candid, unexpected moments following my friends around the mountain… It’s guaranteed to be a rodeo everytime!" -TanSnowMan

And for our grand finale, tag along with the Panda Tribe for part III of the 2016 Panda Poles Season Highlight Reel! Because it's not the size of the mountain that matters, it's how it feels when you're going down...

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