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New Recycled Straps

Posted by Tanner Rosenthal on 02-01-11

 We are pleased to announce that Panda Poles will now be offering straps made from webbing that is 100% recycled bottles!  That's right!  You can be stylin' out with used pop bottles keepin' your poles strapped on.  The straps should be available in the next two weeks.  If you would like to order poles online and would prefer the recycled strap to the hemp strap, just put a note in the order that you want the recycled straps.  They will be the same price as the Reg Strap at $75.00 for the set of poles. 


  • Tanner so proud of you for doing what you love and trying to make the
    world a better place for my daughter and you niece! We love u buddy
    keep up the hard work!!

    Posted by Nick on February 01, 2011

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