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Panda Poles supports Tim DeChristopher

Posted by Tanner Rosenthal on 03-01-11

Tansnowman joined more than 300 other citizens for a rally outside the Salt Lake City Federal Building yesterday in support of Tim DeChristopher, who is being tried for derailing an oil and coal project in S. Utah last spring.  Tim placed fake bids at the auction which was for strip mining rights to thousands of acres of pristine Utah soil.  Tim's fake bids caused the entire mining auction to collapse, saving the land and its real treasure--its natural beauty. 

Supporters sing songs of peaceful uprising and joyous resolve.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported yesterday:

 A joyous throng of 300 protesters marched Monday morning from Salt Lake City’s Pioneer Park to Exchange Place across the street from a federal courthouse, where, later that afternoon, environmental folk hero Tim DeChristopher opened his four-day trial on two felony counts for monkey-wrenching an oil and gas lease auction.
No arrests nor problems were logged, but a series of noise complaints forced organizers to unplug their amplifiers. By midafternoon, after sitting cross-legged to sing John Lennon’s “Imagine,” the demonstrators locked arms, raised their “Stewardship” signs and crossed Main Street to continue singing on the courthouse steps.
The crowd included actor-activist Daryl Hannah, who arrived in Utah over the weekend to show her support for DeChristopher.
“This is the coolest protest I’ve ever been at,” Hannah said, “because I’ve never seen so many people smiling.”
As downtown professionals ducked out of their office buildings to snap pictures, Hannah urged the protesters to continue the fight.
“Big love, everybody,” she said to cheers. “Let’s keep it going. Let’s keep Tim out of jail.”

Tansnowman showing his support of Tim.

Huge thanks to all the supporters of Tim--some of whom spent almost 12 hours outside yesterday, singing, dancing, and chanting for Tim!

Tim faces up to 5 years in prison and a $750,000 fine for his disruption of the auction which was later proven illegal itself.  You can follow Tim and his story and offer your support on his website:  http://www.bidder70.org/

Good luck TIM!  Thank you for being a martyr for ecological justice...


  • Very couragess!!!

    Posted by Jeremy on March 01, 2011

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