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Fire and Ice!

Posted by Tanner Rosenthal on 03-28-11

 The yin and yang, masculine and feminine, left and right--creation is wrought with contrast in which two polar opposites not only cooperate, but create a balance between each other that holds together the cosmos.   This fluid relationship is not only the basis of existence, but  is also a concept that helps give texture and meaning to life.

Panda Poles' Tansnowman joined hundreds of others to celebrate this polar dynamism in the form of art, at an event duly named "Fire and Ice", featuring Panda Poles' photographer MoPho.  MoPho's photos were displayed throughout the event on projection "cubes".

Earlier this winter, at "The Garage"--a modern bar amidst Industrial N. Salt Lake City--the sounds of glitch hop and dub step intermingle with the "chip, chip, chip" of metal on ice, and constant stream of intellectual chatter between art enthusiasts.

Caldrons of fire and pillars of carved ice set the backdrop to performances featuring fire spinning, dancing, and acrobatics.

As part of the show, several large blocks of ice were brought in and sold as canvases out of which sculptures were to be created during the show--some of which were set ablaze.  


Ice bits fly as Tansnowman joins his mentor and associate Scotty Soltronic in carving a block.

Tansnowman places the final piece on "Seaunicorn" and takes a moment to appreciate its beauty.

Fire and ice can represent Summer and Winter or external expression and introspection.  And here, in the midst of sping, we find perfect balance between the two.   Now is a time to integrate our inner vision with our external manifestation.  Look within yourself and discover what's your fire and ice!

Huge thanks to Wendy, Dave, Rebecca, and the rest of the Hive Collective.  And many thanks to all those who make events like these happen--events, which promote art, community, culture, beauty, and a more peaceful, creative planet.  Aho!

All photos courtesy of MoPho photography.


  • I don’t want to sound queer or nothing, but I think unicorns are kick ass.

    Posted by Dan Suntan on March 28, 2011
  • Nice unicorn Tanner!!

    Posted by Janice on March 28, 2011

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