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New Straps...And Their Story

Posted by Tanner Rosenthal on 03-29-11

 We here at Panda Poles believe in keeping things fresh, fun, and as always, sustainable.  Recently, we started offering new straps which bestow a nice flare to the poles and come with a great story provided by Panda Poles' rider Chuck Mumford:  

     Leaving Kirkwood, California about a 1/2 hour out of Reno I received a distress call from my good friend Lars. His van broke down and I agreed to turn around to get a new part for his rig. My crew and i toured Reno for a while, got the part and met up with Lars. As Lars was rolling around in diesel fuel, fixing his rig, we decided to wander to the large thrift store in the same parking lot. A Typical place, I wandered back to the sporting goods to possibly score some sick skis. At that moment I spotted it, tons of Panda pole straps. Large rolls, so i call Tansnowman. I think he was surprised to get such a call and it was hard for me to describe how much was there, so i decided to pull the trigger and buy some. It might be your new set of straps!!

So not only do these straps look awesome and come packed with authentic experience, but they are "reclaimed" material which may have otherwise been thrown out (if not for thrift stores).

Big thanks to Chuck for thinking forward and pulling the trigger on such an awesome strap opportunity.  


  • Awesome,..I love that this product evolves with the times.

    Posted by Janice Rosenthal on March 29, 2011

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