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Posted by Tanner Rosenthal on 06-02-11

We understand that for any conscious consumer there is a need to know not only what the products they 'consume' are made of, but where they are made, and who made them. Recent Graduate of the Universtity of Utah film department, Fletcher Hukari, has created the following film as a glimpse into the creation and soul of Panda Poles.  This 5 minute short gives one a deeper understanding of the texture behind Panda Poles.  Not mentioned in the film was one of the co-creators of Panda Poles--Johnny Anetsberger--who played a big role in the creation of this product.  Thanks Johnny! Infinite thanks to Fletcher Hukari and Bennett Duchin for their mastery on this project...

PandaPoles from Fletcher Hukari on Vimeo.


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