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SkiTheRock 2K15

Posted by Tanner Rosenthal on 08-16-15

Although last season was a little lack luster in the snow department, we did our best to have a good time at our local ski hill "The Rock"... Tag along with us on this 7 part series as we #SkiTheRock!


Shredded Expectations


Emotions run high this time of year. And so do expectations. And whether it be because power goes out to the whole ski area on opening day, or it ends up raining to the top of the mountain on the very next, the love of skiing, and the convenience of being swept to the top on a floating chair creates the illusion that anything less is pretty much painful.

So when the power does go out after 3 glorious laps on opening day, and when the rain does reach the top of the mountain on the very next, it’s important to remember that this is just the start--just the warm up--to what can only be another amazing season on the snow…


Kings Season


The season is well under way at Panda's home mountain "The Rock"!

Join Panda High Council members Bo Ferro, Sander Hadley, TanSnowMan, and Kody Kirkland for some early season shredding on their home turf in SouthEast Idaho... #TribeUP "Kings Season"! 


Meeting Of The Minds 


The Panda High Council convenes at "The Rock" for a summit of the spirits and a Meeting of the Minds...

Join TanSnowMan, Oakley White-Allen, Sander Hadley, Bo Ferro, and Kody Kirkland, as they explore the reaches of Panda's home mountain...


Sheer Pandamondium


What do you get when you squeeze 30 wild snow savages onto one little cat track? This is "Sheer Pandamonium"!

Join Panda High Council members TanSnowMan, Ivan Marcinko, Sander Hadley, Bo Ferro, and Matt Tsakrios as they spread the stoke with the local community recently at "The Rock"...




The Panda build crew takes the afternoon off from building Panda Poles to get the sun on their face, the air in their lungs, and their feet on the snow... Because after all, we ain't gettin' any younger!


Cha Cha


With record low snowfall across much of the Western US this year, it is easier than ever to feel the potential threat of the diminishing habitat of the snow enthusiast. And with this apparent loss of habitat is a loss of morale. An overall loss of stoke.

A small group of individuals in SouthEast Idaho has set out to keep their stoke alive, and in doing so has created their own snow dance for the spirits. How do you say? Ah, yes... Cha Cha!


Sweet Revolution


Such as the chairs spin 'round the old, creeky bull wheel, the Earth spins 'round the Sun... Seasons change, cycles revolve, and the big wheel keeps on turnin'...

So keep that mojo movin', make sure your hips are groovin', 'cause it ain't nothin' but a Sweet Revolution! 


Panda Poles Bamboo Ski Poles

@PandaPoles - #PandaPoles


Pebble Creek Ski Area



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