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Epic Sort

Posted by Tanner Rosenthal on 05-30-12

What is the first step of hand crafting bamboo ski poles? Sorting... Epic, slow-mo sorting... The bamboo in this video is from Panda Poles' very first imported batch of bamboo from Vietnam that we received last fall. Due to a language barrier and other miscommunications, we received a batch of 5,000 poles, only 20% of which were within our specifications. This left 4,000 poles to be sorted out and stowed until finding another purpose. A learning experience indeed, but alas, an epic sort! 
Panda Poles is currently running a special on raw, uncleaned, unfinished bamboo poles (spec: 50" x .5"-1" dia.) for only $1.00/pole! These poles are ideal for garden stakes, martial arts, and more! Please contact tansnowman@pandapoles.com ortai@pandapoles.com for more info...


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