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Panda Poles @ Building Man 2012

Posted by Tanner Rosenthal on 06-22-12

    Sustainable living is in large part the reason that Panda Poles was ever dreamed up, yet manufacturing ski poles is not all that we do to promote Earth-friendly living. When the snow has melted and Summer has come, Panda Poles Chief Tansnowman steps away from the bamboo sanding belt for just a moment to put his energy into solar event production, helping to produce events that promote sustainable living and community. Along with Panda Team Captain Oakley White-Allen, Tansnowman and Panda Poles joined the Solar Saucer Cosmonauts at the Jenkstar Ranch in Green River, UT for the event "Building Man--Sustainable Living Arts and Music Festival", held during a week in May over the last three years. 

    All the music and lights for the entire event are run off Solar Power for the 4 nights of the festival, with sustainability workshops such as building with Earthen materials, desert water catchment, and making solar ovens scheduled during each day. Discussions covering topics such as aquaponics and permaculture are held at Swasey Beach along the banks of the Green River each afternoon. From scrap wood and metal lassoed from a trash heap and turned into an old west saloon facade, to washing machine chandeliers, almost the entire infrastructure of the Jenkstar Ranch is made of reclaimed or found objects, repurposed into art. This process in essence produces "Jenk", turning junk into something with soul and purpose. Of the building materials which are not found in the trash, bamboo is a key building block at the Ranch and in most Jenkstar Productions. Jenkstar Ranch hosts 2 Sustainable Living events each year, with one in the Spring (Building Man) and one in the Fall (Melon Nights). Read the full story behind the birth of Building Man on Catalyst Magazine

    Also joining OWA and Tansnowman this year were Panda tribe members Angel Collinson and Chuck Mumford, who added their own beauty and high vibes to the event. Lead by Scotty Soltronic, the Solar Saucer Cosmonauts are a group of artists, visionaries, and builders, dedicated to inspiring others to leave this planet better than they found it.  For more information about the Solar Saucer or Jenkstar Ranch, please visit the website jenkstar.com or join them on Facebook, and we hope to see you at one of our events in the near future. 


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