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Panda Poles on Parade with The Solar Saucer

Posted by Tanner Rosenthal on 07-12-12
Here's to freedom! This footage is from the Independence Day Parade in Park City, Utah, with the Solar Saucer Cosmonauts and Panda Poles Chief TanSnowMan behind the wheel. 

After a streak of parade wins--taking "Best in Show" at two of Utah's top 20 largest parades--Scotty Soltronic and The Solar Saucer Cosmonauts have made it to "The Big Time". We catch up with Soltron at their new crib to talk about their success as paraders, being at the front of the pack, and what it's like to raise the bar. TanSnowMan--member of the Cosmonauts--takes us into his chaotic world of Cosmonaut P.R. and shows how he is also poised to help raise the bar even higher...


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