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I have a dream

Posted by Tanner Rosenthal on 01-18-16
"I have a dream..."
 To this day--over 52 years after they were spoken--the words of Martin Luther King Jr. still ring the tones of freedom and justice around the globe. But although we have made
great strides as a species in expanding basic freedoms, the world is still wrought with inequality and subjugation, and the mission of MLKJ is still just as pertinent today as it was during the civil rights movement of the 1960s. When I originally got the idea for Panda Poles, it came to me in a single flash of insight one night in the Spring of 2008. It was like a dream. And in that dream, I saw not only a product and a brand, but a voice for a new and different way of thinking. There was a movement brewing, and I found myself being swept away by it. This movement is a calling for those who wish to not only create a more beautiful planet, but to create peace and joy amongst humanity and within ourselves. It is a calling to help shift the power back to the people, and ensure that our freedom and prosperity is within our control, and not in the hands of a very wealthy few. I have a dream that Panda Poles can help create local and global economies that reflect the ecology, while providing prosperity within the community, and cultivating social equality for all ethnicities and genders. I have a dream that Panda Poles can continue to be a part of the movement for a more beautiful, peaceful existence on planet Earth for generations to come. And it was 5 years ago today, we launched this dream. On January 18, 2011, PandaPoles.com became a legitimate website, and as did we also become a legitimate organization. For me, the endeavor of co-creating and maintaining this business has been the most difficult, trying experience of my entire life. However, the challenges I face on a daily basis--although stressful--have given me strength to follow my dreams, and shaped me into the person I am to become. It has also shaped into an entire community of skiers who are driven by the same dreams as me. And if not for the support of our Tribe of loyal customers, fans, supporters, athletes, contributors, ambassadors, and  creators, the dream would have never made it off the drawing board. Infinite blessings and thanks to all those who have been a part of this dream, and I am honored to share with you all in the vision of Martin Luther King Jr... Let freedom ring! Let Freedom Ring!


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