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Celebrate The Earth

Posted by Tanner Rosenthal on 04-17-17
Promo code EARTH17 is good for 30% OFF at PandaPoles.com until Apr. 22 at midnight! 10% of profits thru Apr. 22 to benefit the Environmental Defense Fund and NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council)...
Earth Day Sale!
At Panda Poles, we may be a bunch of goofballs, but we take our ecological impact quite seriously. Although we currently do quarterly visits to the recycling center, we once spent an entire year keeping our full waste-stream on premises. After 12 months, we had only created 100 lbs. of 'garbage' and 150 lbs. of recycling! (Note: this does not include the hundreds of lbs. of compostable bamboo scrap we generated) We did this project as an awareness exercise for ourselves--to see what kind of waste we create and where it ends up--and to cultivate more discussion and awareness around waste and waste-steams, for all manufacturers and consumers. How waste aware are you? 


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