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Give Thanks!

Posted by Tanner Rosenthal on 11-17-17
We at Panda Poles refuse to be involved with the madness that is Black Friday/Cyber Monday, and have always chosen to sit out the sale. We feel that BF/​CM represents the worst of consumer buying habits, and is a big part of the destructive ​unconscious​ consumption which is so intertwined with society.
So rather than run a big sale the weekend after Thanksgiving, we have decided that we would like to give thanks to the planet, and will be donating 11% of all online sales today through Thanksgiving Day! Choose from one of the following 4 organizations at website checkout: EDF, NRDC, Pandas Intl., WWF
And as a way of saying thanks to our fans and customers, we are offering $25 OFF any strap upgrade, bamboo upgrade, or any of our SWAG, with the purchase of any pair of Magic Ski Wands thru Monday (11/20/17) at midnight! Promo code: GIVE THANKS
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