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HandCrafted by Freeskiers

Posted by Tanner Rosenthal on 08-14-16

Panda Poles have always been crafted with a deep sense of playfulness and authenticity. It’s not that they are just eclectic and rootsy. It’s that every person who has ever had a hand in crafting them is a passionate, die-hard skier. Their connection to skiing has been entwined into this brand at its deepest level, and our love for the mountains, air, water, animals, plants, and people is present in every pair of wands that goes out our door. We love life on planet Earth, and we celebrate skiing To it’s core…

And that, my friends, is just another reason that Panda Poles are more than just ski poles. Panda Poles are magic ski wands...

Panda Poles: HandCrafted by Freeskiers from Panda Poles on Vimeo.

Panda Poles Bamboo Ski Poles



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