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HandCrafted in the USA

Posted by Tanner Rosenthal on 08-14-16

The smell of sawdust wafts through the room, as the whine of an electric drill stirs the silence.

Peaceful intentions in motion like steady waves upon the ocean. With focus and attention, distracted only by perfection, two hands doth work as one.

Seeding dreams of magic and wonder into the hands of those who ski, and those who see; that the cost of making goods in China, is more than just money. The cost of making all goods in China is a potentially destructive luxury.

With corporation profit inflation, worker wage stagnation, and dismal working conditions overseas; we are but only playing a real life game of Monopoly.

The cost of only making goods in China is a decaying middle class economy. The cost is a loss of spirit; that which no one can see…

HandCrafted in the USA from Panda Poles on Vimeo. Panda Poles Bamboo Ski Poles



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