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JenkStar Illuminarium: Presented by Panda Poles

Posted by Tanner Rosenthal on 08-14-16

Last summer, Panda Poles co-founders Oakley White-Allen and TanSnowMan ventured east of the Mississippi with the infamous JenkStars, to help create an interactive sustainable living arts and music venue at Electric Forest Music Festival...

JenkStar Illuminarium: Side A from Panda Poles on Vimeo.


One of the primary objectives of the JenkStars is to educate and illuminate the public about sustainable living. Designed by Scotty Soltronic, the “Smartship” is a self contained vessel which comes complete with all the necessities for creating self reliance in an off grid system. Of these necessities are components such as Solar Energy, Water Catchment, Aquaponics, spirulina and organic micro green cultivation, composting toilets, and compost gasification. All the parts and pieces fit together to create a closed loop system, which can potentially maintain itself indefinitely. Festival goers had a chance to learn about the these systems, explore spirulina under a microscope, or watch water boil from concentrating solar rays. This simple demonstration left a lasting impression on the hundreds, if not thousands of people who ventured into the Illuminarium throughout the weekend... Oh, not to mention, there was some music and art...

Tribe UP JenkStars!

JenkStar Illuminarium: Side B from Panda Poles on Vimeo. www.JenkStars.com



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