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Posted by Tanner Rosenthal on 08-14-16

After several years of below average snowfall, and last year having one of the lowest snowpacks in the history of the western U.S., it's easy to become discouraged by skiing's potentially detrimented future. And if you pay attention to the news, it's easy to feel that the whole world is falling apart.

However, there are those of us that believe that regardless of whether the first day of the season gets rained out, or it hasn’t snowed in weeks and there is dirt showing everywhere. Or even if it seems like the whole world is going crazy, the mountain is our temple, and every joyful jump and turn is an expression of our heart, and a prayer for world peace...

May we present to you, Part I of III of the Panda Poles Season Highlight Reel 2K15!


PPSHR 2K15: BELIEVE from Panda Poles on Vimeo.


The first day of the season may have ended after only 3 runs, and it may have rained to the top of the mountain the following night... There may have only been a 36" base for most of the season, and the mountain may have closed a month early... Regardless of the conditions, a few passionate individuals managed to make the most of Pebble Creek's "worst season on record", and had an absolutely radical time with their friends and fellow Panda Tribe members at "The Rock"!

It's not the conditions that dictate the quality of the season. It's the amount of stoke one can cultivate that creates the richness of anyone's on-snow experience...

PPSHR 2K15: The Rock from Panda Poles on Vimeo.


Part III of the 2015 Panda Poles Season Highlight Reel, this one's all about gratitude. There is only one “I” in gratitude, and any one person’s happiness is a direct reflection of what they are grateful for...

We at Panda Poles know that regardless of the conditions, any day of skiing is a blessing and a luxury, and for that, we are eternally grateful for this sport...

PPSHR 2K15: GRATITUDE from Panda Poles on Vimeo. Panda Poles Bamboo Ski Poles



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