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Shred The Rock 2K16

Posted by Tanner Rosenthal on 08-14-16

For the local Panda Tribe, the opening day is the best day of the year at Panda's home mountain "The Rock"...

Join TanSnowMan as he follows Bo Ferro, Sander Hadley, Kody Kirkland, Matt Tsakrios and Lee Swassing around Pebble Creek Ski Area for "Opening The Rock"!

Opening The Rock from Panda Poles on Vimeo.


As the snow stacks up here in SE Idaho, the build crew takes the day off from the Dojo, to cut loose at their home mountain, "The Rock"!

Shred The Rock: Cut Loose from Panda Poles on Vimeo.


It's the time of the season at Panda's home mountain--The Rock!

Tribe UP with Bo Ferro, Matt Tsakrios, Justin Dewall, Lee Swassing, and Panda Chief TanSnowMan, as they harvest some goods at the SE Idaho ski hill on January 17th...

Shred The Rock: Time of the Season from Panda Poles on Vimeo.


Filmed in the infamous Dirty Lines zone of "The Rock", take a magic carpet ride with Panda Chief TanSnowMan, as he follows Justin Dewall, and Bo Ferro through the gnarled crag...

Shred The Rock: Magic Carpet Ride from Panda Poles on Vimeo.


When the snow cakes 'The Rock' like it has this season, the local Panda Tribe grabs their saddles, and they Pony UP!

Better grab the reins and hold on tight!

Shred The Rock: Pony Up! from Panda Poles on Vimeo.


We were there, with the snow flying and laughter echoing through the canyons and hills. Another ski season come and gone, and as the snows recede into a memory, we reflect on the previous months, and remind ourselves of the excitement which was once so strongly seated in our souls. But for now, we must do our best to hold that stoke in our hearts, and be grateful for the joy which we shared only what seems just moments ago… Here’s to what was another amazing season on the snow...

Panda Poles. Tribe UP!

Shred The Rock: AfterBang from Panda Poles on Vimeo. Panda Poles Bamboo Ski Poles


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