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Welcome to Panda Chief Theatre!

Posted by Tanner Rosenthal on 10-09-18
New #Panda_Vid! WHOA! After an almost 9 month hiatus, the Panda Chief returns to his post, as chief cinematographer and storyteller of Panda Poles... 
In the world of skiing, names come and go. New faces arrive on the scene, just to be replaced by the next commoditized player in the game. Whether it’s the gear, the fads, the media, the companies, or the people involved, there is a continual flux of energy and attention within and around the snowsports industry.
But for one small stubborn brand--a brand which seems to be firmly rooted in the past, yet grasping for the hopes of tomorrow--the pace is much more akin to the rhythm of nature. And in order to explore the vibrational intricacies of such a company and it’s melodic pace, we must return to its roots, and explore its underbelly.
Hello, and welcome to Panda Chief Theater. I am your host--Panda Chief TanSnowMan. In this stunning new series we will go into the Panda Vid Archives, dusting off some of our most noteworthy treasures from the past. We will dig up the remains of our Youtube and Vimeo libraries, replete with almost 200 original feature edits. Many of these edits are off limits for us to talk about in this series, as they were filmed in the forbidden territories of the US Forest Service. But you are welcome to explore the archives and discover them for yourselves in the links provided below.
To kick off this series, we are going to return to the very first Panda Vid ever created. Filmed in December of 2010, this edit features myself, my business partners, and my roommates shreddin’ hard at The Bird (which is by the way private property).
#TribeUP "Panda Chief Theatre"!
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