30 Day 100% "Ultra-Satisfaction" Guarantee

Do you find yourself frequently telling curious people about Panda Poles on the chairlift? Do you feel drawn to represent for the PANDA Tribe on a deeper level? Do you want to help spread our message and sell our magic ski wands in your area? Do you want to make money while you sit on the chairlift? You may just be the next Panda Poles Ambassador! 


(Also make sure to check out our Affiliate Program for other opportunities with The Panda Tribe.)

What the Ambassador program entails:

  • -30% OFF your next pair of Panda Poles bamboo ski poles. Plus special pricing for your family and close friends.
  • -Receive a "10% OFF" personalized promo code, which you hand out, that we use to track your sales. We provide a 10% sales commission/credit, which can be used towards PANDA merchandise. 
  • -Personalized Promo Cards (100% recycled) and/or Promo Stickers may be purchased through a special link we provide upon acceptance into the program 
  • -Become a member of the Panda Tribal Council!

Bamboo Ski Poles by Panda Poles

 We are accepting applications for ambassadors NOW! 

(Note: We are only accepting Ambassador applications for current Panda Poles users.)

Thanks for your stoke! TRIBE UP!!!