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bamboo ski poles and trekking polesAlthough the bamboo is gown in India and Vietnam and the recycled webbing and hemp in the straps comes from China, Panda Poles do not come with a "Made in SE Asia" sticker. Their production is not outsourced to a place where skiing holds no relevance, to people who probably know little of our sport. Panda Poles are hand-crafted in the USA. And not only are our bamboo ski poles hand-crafted in the U.S., but they are lovingly assembled by freeskiers, snow ninjas, and mountain mystics--people who really care about what goes into the products that are used in the mountains. Each and every Panda Pole is handled and crafted by the Panda Poles assembly team of TanSnowMan, Kody Kirkland, Drew McConnell, and Bo Ferro, and is assembled in the heart of SouthEast Idaho. Other than the strap material and bamboo, the rest of the pole is made in USA materials. The molded baskets and hardware are manufactured in Minnesota, the grips & eco epoxy from California. All materials are shipped to Pocatello, Idaho, where they are sewn, sanded, glued, screwed, and blessed for proper on hill "ceremony". Just watch the videos...

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Note: Our reason for implementing the foreign manufactured products that we do is that currently, there are no producers of recycled or hemp webbing in the USA (that we know about) or producers of the specific type of bamboo we require, in the quantity we need, here in the U.S. Entropy Eco Epoxy (entropyresins.com) is used for the majority of our manufacturing. We appreciate any and all questions and comments about our manufacturing process. Feel free to contact TanSnowMan--tansnowman@pandapoles.com if you have something to share with us.

bamboo ski poles

Panda Poles Co-Founders Oakley White-Allen "OWA" and Tanner "TanSnowMan" Rosenthal
bamboo ski poles