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Panda Poles Ski Bum Discount

Do you consider yourself a ski bum, and maybe not in the best position to be able to afford a pair of Magic Ski Wands at full retail? Apply for the Panda Poles Ski Bum Discount and receive 40% OFF 1 (one) pair of Panda Poles for yourself! Complete the following form and we will respond ASAP with a SKI BUM promo code if your application is accepted:


- Ski/Ride 50+ days/year (exceptions can be made for particularly compelling stories)

- Make less thank $20K/year (be honest - estimations are okay)


(Note: merchandise purchased under the Panda Poles Ski Bum Discount is not to be sold or given as gifts for one full year from purchase date, and are to be used solely by the applicant for that period of time)