30 Day 100% "Ultra-Satisfaction" Guarantee

30 Day 100% "Ultra-Satisfaction" Guarantee

If for any reason you are not 100% ultra-satisfied with your product, it may be returned for a full refund or exchange within 30 days of receiving the shipment. That means you can demo the product with no obligation! We'll even cover the shipping costs, and can provide a return shipping label upon request*.

If you are dissatisfied with your grips, baskets, or the size of your poles, please send them back to us for replacement ASAP. DO NOT TRY TO CUT OR REPAIR THE POLES YOURSELF, AS THIS VOIDS THE WARRANTY.


*(FREE SHIPPING ONLY VALID FOR RETURNS AND WARRANTIES WITHIN THE FIRST 30 DAYS. Exchanges DO NOT qualify for Free Return Shipping unless the poles received differ from the order receipt. If you are unsure about your preferred length, basket selection, grip selection, etc. please CONTACT US. Panda Poles is not responsible for sizing mistakes based off of our sizing calculator.)

2 Year Warranty


For questions or additional requests, please email warranties@pandapoles.com.

Your Panda Poles are the most durable intergalactic ski poles in the Universe!.. So we put a 2 Year Warranty on 'em! This warranty protects against basket, strap, pole, or grip damage for 2 full years! If any part of the pole proves faulty, we will fix or replace the damaged parts. 

Warranties within the first 30 days qualify for FREE SHIPPING.

Note: Micro-fractures in the bamboo may develop over time, but in most cases will not affect the strength of the pole. We do not warrant against these cracks unless they affect the stability of the bamboo and/or the attachment to the basket, grip, or strap.

Note: Warranty void if customer performs any modification to the pole such as remove baskets, cut poles, trim grips, etc. Panda Poles not responsible for damaged or lost parts in any such instance. For damages caused during delivery, please contact us at warranties@pandapoles.com.

Durability Test Videos:
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