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Replacement Baskets (1 Pair)

$ 29.00
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Replacement set of Zero Drag Powder Baskets. For use with Panda Poles ONLY. If you are replacing a broken basket which qualifies for our 2 Year Warranty, please follow the Warranty Procedure HERE

To attach: 

  • Liberally apply epoxy or wood glue to bamboo tip.
  • Align basket holes with the holes in the bamboo, using a rubber mallet to tap the basket tip and fully seat it on the bamboo.
  • Gently reinsert basket screws, while being careful to avoid cracking. The screw needs only to be flush, and not necessarily tight.


Panda Poles not responsible for cracks in the bamboo caused from the installation process. If you would like to send the poles to our facility, we will happily replace the baskets for you at no extra charge. Buyer must pay shipping to and from our facility HERE.