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Panda Jah

Just like bamboo, these special edition "Jah" Magic Ski Wands have got some real natty roots...

Featuring the 3.5" Katana Basket for the extra edge in any condition, and 11" Katana Grips, for the ultimate versatility in the side-country and backcountry! Whether you are side hilling outside the ropes, flying downhill, or traversing on the long cat track back from yonder, there is no telescoping necessary to get your hands in just the right place, and the basket is designed to never slip, or, snag!  

Sizing: Add 2" to your preferred pole length and ROUND UP to the nearest 2" increment. (i.e if you currently use 44" poles, it would be 44" + 2" = 46", rounded up to 47") Note: if unsure of your preferred length, our pole Sizing Calculator can be found HERE under 'Specify Pole Length'.

- 2 Year Warranty

- Handcrafted in USA

$ 99.00

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