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Wading Wand

Anyone who fly fishes knows that wading through rocky rivers and streams with a vest-full of fishing gear is tricky at best and dangerous at worst. The use of a wading staff provides extra stability with a third point of contact, adding confidence to any stream crossing.


HandCrafted in the USA from the same insanely strong bamboo as our Magic Ski Wands, the Panda Wading Wand is possibly the only wading staff that comes with a lifetime warranty. Complete with bungie tether and carabiner, it can be easily latched to your body to let float downstream. And it's rubber/metal combo tip allow for versatility in any underwater terrain.


Give your fishing experience the extra touch of nature.





-Hand-crafted in the USA

-Shaft made from 100% Bamboo

-Rubber/Metal tip

-Removable grip cap with screw



Sizing: Multiply your height by .73 and round to the nearest increment.

$ 69.00